Why did you become a midwife?

I began this journey with an unshakeable interest in the ability of a woman's body to create and sustain life. At the ages of 10 and 17, I had the honor of seeing my mom give birth to two of my six siblings and was in awe of the birth process. From that point on, my journey into midwifery began. I became a birth Doula and supported clients in hospital, home birth and birth center births and was an assistant to some of the midwives I supported. The ability to care for clients through their entire journey was so profound to me and over time I knew that midwifery care was where my heart found its home and my true calling in the birth world.

What is your philosophy on birth?

I wholeheartedly believe that the ability to carry life and bring life into this world is a huge gift and miracle and that the babies that come to us are meant to be cared for intentionally and intuitively. I believe that each woman should be able to have an empowered and supported birth experience. I believe in the bodies innate ability to grow and birth babies and that this natural, physiologic experience is one best left untampered with, while supported as needed/desired, with the wisdom of sage women beside her. I believe in the body's ability to naturally replenish, restore, and renew itself and look to provide support for the mother throughout the postpartum period. I learned from my own birth experience that each story is unique and comes with its own lesson and I hope to honor that with each woman I stand beside.


What is your training background?

I have had the honor of supporting families through their birth journeys since 2010 formerly as a midwife assistant, phlebotomist and training midwife, birth doula and doula intern coordinator. It has been my joy to walk through life and pregnancy with each family I have met. I attended the Midwives College of Utah and received a Bachelors of Midwifery & Science. I am a Licensed Midwife by the Medical Board of CA and certified by the National American Registry of Midwives since 2019. I have poured my heart and life into birth work for over 9 years and have attended hundreds of beautiful and varying birth experiences at home, birth center and hospital and have had the honor of gleaning from many incredible wise midwives over those years. I am also the mama of my greatest teacher, my daughter, and have gotten to learn the deepest lessons from our journey together.

What other services do you offer?

I am deeply passionate about reproductive health and wellness with a focus on the menstrual cycle, fertility and hormonal balance. I offer appointments for well person care, preconception counseling, fertility support, conscious conception, and for those suffering with menstrual issues such as PMDD, dysmenorrhea, PCOS, etc. I work to support each of my clients as they move through their postpartum experiences for breastfeeding support as well as hormone and community support. I also offer placenta encapsulation services…forms and information for encapsulation can be found at www.abundantlifedoula.com


Call or text: 714-261-1458