Photo by  Rachel Thurston

Lindsey and Courtney only provide homebirth services. We are not affiliated with any birth centers in the area. We bring the birth center to you. 


Many of our clients choose to give birth in the water, while some have "land births". We have no preference, but always love reminding our clients that while we might plan on things in birth, these things can also change, so never have an attachment to only water birthing.

A good review of studies on waterbirth can be found here

If you do choose to give birth in the water, you will need to find a big enough space to fit the tub in your home, as well as buy the certain accessories to help fill and drain it, and purchase a tub liner. The amazing midwife Barbara Harper has good FAQ's about waterbirth that can be found here. 


Equipment and Supplies

Photo by  Rachel Thurston

Photo by Rachel Thurston

We bring the standard equipment to a birth that is seen in most low risk labor and delivery rooms. We bring resuscitation equipment, oxygen, IV supplies, suturing supplies, equipment to monitor the baby and more. We ask you to compile supplies around your house that are listed in our parent handbook. As well as order a birth kit through Simply Birth which can be purchased here.  

Photo by  Lindsey Kliewer