Have you heard of a monitrice? A monitrice is a nurse or midwife who acts almost as a doula but can still use all their medical skills. It's a great option for women who can't afford to birth at home but want to stay at home as long as possible or for couples who just aren't comfortable with a home birth but want to avoid excessive hospital interventions. A monitrice is a unique combination of a doula and a midwife. They provide all the same physical and emotional support of a doula but can also help monitor mother and baby while laboring at home.  A monitrice can monitor baby’s heart rate, monitor the mothers vitals and even check cervical dilation if requested.  You even have the option of laboring in a birth tub before going into the hospital.  The monitrice will accompany you to the hospital and continue to provide emotional and physical support as a doula. This may be the perfect option for families who still wish to birth in a hospital but like the idea of extra support and laboring at home.  Please don't hesitate to call or text Courtney at 949-533-3036 or email courtney@ocmidwifery.com with any questions or schedule a consultation.