Having a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) or more specifically a HBAC (homebirth after a cesarean) is nothing to take lightly. We recommend that anyone who is interested in having a HBAC do their research and make sure it is the right choice for them. Typically when someone has had a cesarean and is seeking a different birth the next time there is usually a trauma associated with the cesarean, hence why they don't want to do it again. We ask our VBAC clients, to turn inside, dig deep, and clear out any emotional trauma before giving birth the next time around. In doing so, our VBAC rates tend to be very successful. 

VBAC is something that Lindsey herself holds very close to her heart. In 2002 her daughter Dylyn was born via cesarean after a long failed induction. With lots of soul searching and support she was able to give birth to her son River in 2009 in her Jacuzzi (no we've never had anymore Jacuzzi births since) with Courtney by her side. It made her find strength that she never knew she had and made her midwifery training come full circle.